Many are skeptic about having their lawns covered with green grass since they believe that maintaining it would be difficult. Most of the time, you will need professional help to preserve the luster of your grass and to mow it regularly. Because of this, the notion of installing synthetic grass has turned out to be the best alternative for several homeowners. Regardless of learning the advantages of installing artificial grass, others still have questions about this matter that stops them from using fake grass in their yard. Here are some of the FAQs and their answers before you consider installing artificial grass:

Can it be installed on any type of surface?

You can definitely install artificial grass either on concrete or soil since the turf’s rear side could be fixed to any surface with no hassle. Also, you can consider installing it on the tarmac, balconies, terrace, and paving. The greatest thing about fake grass is that it can simply adjust with the surface and guarantees to have a prolonged adhesiveness.

How can artificial grass be maintained?

Not actually. You can permanently say goodbye to mowing your grass regularly since you’re not needed to keep the artificial turf in any means. You’re not needed to utilize a hosepipe to water your turf. Though you have to pay attention to is so that dry leaves or dog poop will not be trapped in the grass.

Is fake turf safe for children and pets?

Obviously, people with children and pets in their homes are still being conscious of the fake turf’s allergic side effects. But, you can be guaranteed when it comes to your pets or kids’ safety since it won’t hurt their skin. You can actually look for a type of artificial turf with additional fiber layers that avoids their delicate fur coat even during a crash landing.

Does artificial grass long-lasting?

This will greatly depend on the amount of traffic near your property’s area. However, artificial grass usually lasts for more or less 20 years without any type of upkeep and maintenance. You can ask your contractor to have it installed for your lawn right now.

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